Where do I begin?

Green and Violet  ColorGarden_DeRamus_enc_16x16_$640Delicacy_DeRamus_PhotoEnc_16x16_$640  Dance_DeRamus_PhotoEncaustic_16x16_$640WoodlandWalk_DeRamus_enc_30x30_$2400MorningRain_DeRamus_PhotoEnc._16x16_$640

I’m back!! This spring and summer have been so incredibly busy that I hardly know where to begin. Seriously. Summer is usually my quiet studio time, but not this summer. It really started in the spring with my trip to Chicago and the visit to the Botanic Gardens. Returning to the studio was difficult because I needed to digest all the images and colors that I confronted on that trip. I started slowly to assimilate all the information and begin painting again. What surprised me were the violets and greens that began appearing on my palette and paintings. Starting a new palette for my encaustic paintings was the most amazing revelation. And what followed was the fun of making all the paint that I now found so intriguing. It was also scary veering out of my comfort zone. But what’s it all about if we don’t experiment. Addtionally I must add that that most of the images above were photographs printed on Kozo paper and overpainted with encaustic medium. Lucky for me there was a scheduled exhibit at dk Gallery so that I was able to show the work right away.

Next on the agenda was the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia “Draw 4Days” at the Further Polycontemporary Gallery at the Tula Art Complex in Buckhead Atlanta. The gallery a beautiful space now operated by Paul Light Jr. ,was filled with eighteen artists who drew for four days in a marathon format. (Yes, that means all day) Each artist had a wall or table on which to create drawings each so unique. I will have devote a page to the photographs from the marathon later. An Exhibit Reception and Artist’s Talks followed on the weekend of the marathon. The idea for the marathon was conceived by Barb Rehg. Barb is known for the strength and beauty of her large format drawings and she did not disappoint this time either. Working very large behind me on the wall, I got to see her process that is formidable, daring, and inspiring as she layered and layered each time bringing forth a strong image.

My images fed on the Shadow Sites Series as I introduced color to the drawings and was very pleased to have accomplished six drawings for the week. Each drawing was completed using cold wax as a base with India Ink for refining the image, all on Terraskin “paper”. I am in love with this paper and recommend to anyone who likes to work mixed media. Since is is made from stones, it’s receptivity of media is amazing perhaps with the exception of watercolor. I originally bought it for encaustic but have yet to use it for that purpose. Soon perhaps. I as getting ready to proceed with this series as soon as possible. The new series: “The Spaces Inbetween”.


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    • Hi Rita, Kozo paper is a Japanese paper. There is both a white and natural color. I bought it at Sam Flax. I’m sure there is a source online but I don’t have an address since I can buy it locally (metro Atlanta). Let me know if you can find. It’s really lovely.


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