Underneath It All

I truly believe that painting took over and I just participated as a bystander. Yes, I do think that is the best way for me to explain the new paintings. I’m not even sure if they are a new series or a continuation of a series I once thought completed many years ago as oil paintings on canvas. It doesn’t matter one way or the other because there they are. They mark at the very least a new beginning. Many more in process. Having fun with marks, color, and conversation. The title comes from a beautiful poem written by Edna Lorri Shipp. It hangs on my wall as inspiration.

underneath it all

lies our earthly remnants

scattered around

bits and pieces

glittery, transparent, translucent and dim

drips of silver and chalcedony

shards of purple lilac rain

notes of melodic romantic bliss

that entrance us wholly

poets of an earlier age

that told of heroes and stalwart women

and those of today

that look within us

sly wolf eyes upon us

owls from the trees that swoop down

and pierce us and take us away

to nowhere and everywhere

animals tell us where we’ve been

and where we’re going

to nowhere and everywhere

i can tell you now

I’m going to the moon

where chocolate tastes like ice

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7 thoughts on “Underneath It All

  1. These are really lovely. How wonderful to be in a place where the art is leading you so firmly! I was interested in reading the poem you reference but haven’t been able to find it.


  2. Love the new work, Helen! Look forward to seeing them in person. Don’t you love it when the process of painting takes over! Wish it happened more often:)


    • Thanks Holly, I do love the process when it takes over. It is certainly a state that seems to come unexpectedly and it goes the same way. We ride the wave while we can. (:-)


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