Workshops For Artists


“Trees and Red”
Oil and cold wax medium
Oil paper

In the studio and in the field are ongoing workshops in oil and cold wax painting, critiques, and abstract drawing on paper. Most workshops are held in my studio at the Artisan Resource Center in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Oil painting with cold wax medium workshops is new to the studio. Artists have found that with the addition of cold wax medium, painting with oil has reached another dimension. Although not a new medium, this addition to your palette allows for quicker drying, the use of collage elements and layering and imprinting the surfaces with a contemporary feel. All styles of painting are welcome in the studio. Helen DeRamus Studio for details of upcoming workshops.

The workshops on creative drawing are fun and challenging. For one or more afternoons, you try out ideas and new papers and media. Each exercise is designed to stretch the idea of drawing and introduce ideas for new found creative expression. AND no need to buy supplies. All you will need is included in the fee.


Send me a message if you are interested in private instruction, workshops or critiques. Thanks!!





3 thoughts on “Workshops For Artists

  1. Hi Helen – I saw your comment on an old “Red Dot” blog about shipping encaustic paintings. Could you tell me about the seal and release paper? Would you mind telling me where you find it? Many thanks! Amy

    • Hi Amy, Best place is Adorama Camera (Bienfang Release Paper). I think it a bit costly but I only use it to cover the image. It is used when mounting photographs and because it is silicone coated will not stick to the image. Hope that helps. Helen

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