I’m a visual artist working in Metro Atlanta with a studio at the Artisan Resource Center in Marietta, Georgia, USA. Along with a full-time painting career, I enjoy mentoring artists whose primary mediums are oil or encaustic. With thirty years of experience, I am still experimenting, learning and teaching and finding the world of image making exciting and interesting.

My work starts with drawing. It is the process that I find leads to the germination of an image in paint. I find inspiration in words, sounds, and rhythms and include reading poetry and listening to music as part of my daily practice. Always as a part of my process is a focus on the organic as an organizing force for painting about the passage of time. The landscape of my childhood as well as the every-changing landscape of the very recent present underlies the structure of my paintings. Even the microscopic landscape is a focus for exploration.

My method of painting derived from the ancient Greeks and Romans called encaustic. It is a technique which in it contemporary manifestation allows a creation that is so well suited to my practice. Using molten beeswax, tree resin and pigment, I have great freedom to build up layers in such a way that the underlying layers are still visible. I talk about time from the inside out as I play across the surface with under layers influencing what is seen on the surface. The malleability of the medium, the beauty of the colors, and the permanence of the surface are a great fit, so organic in itself. The other aspect of its suitability is the inability to completely tame the result.  Not having complete control is a way of allowing organic growth to occur.

Layers of memory, fragments of the present, notations of fragility and strength,  expected and unexpected rhythms, highly saturated color and tactility are all crucial parts of the final images.

For information, pricing and locations to purchase work please visit Artwork Archive.

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