More Workshop News

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. I have a good excuse…I’ve been painting, moving (my home, not my studio), exhibiting and that does not even come close to the busy start to the fall.

The October encaustic workshop was great. Especially seeing the monotypes that were created during the two days. Amazing to me how quickly artists learn to use this process and how beautiful the results. The November workshop (November 19 & 20) is upcoming and I look forward to sharing this process once again. A second bonus was having everyone learn to use the propane tank for fusing. Most often I find reluctance to try fusing this way. While I use a heat gun with a spreader attached most of the time since I work with fabric and papers, the ease of fusing is so phenomenally easy and fast with the torch and I always use the torch whenever possible. Fusing can be a daunting task for one beginning this process.

The November workshop is open to all levels. I find that keeping the number of participants to six allows for individual attention and thus provides for a wide variety of approaches. I am including more demonstrations during the course of the two days. The workshop does allow for informality and I am amazed at the number of completed paintings that are accomplished in just ten hours.