Monotypes Flourish


Yesterday I installed a great system for hanging my monotypes so that I can see the progression of the images. Since my last exhibit I fell in love with the system of hanging with magnets. Such a great way to temporarily display for myself as I study what is happening. This is a new method for beginning instead of my usual drawing procedure.I spend almost as much time looking as painting at this stage. Right now the monotypes created lead me to my goal of beginning the paintings for my solo exhibit in February. I find that I must understand anew the specific theme before the first painting emerges. Sounds simple but is so complex as I wade through the many possibilities of color palette, orientation, size which will make sense to me and hopefully to the viewers. Each series looks alike in many respects but is far different. How can that be? As each exhibit begins to take shape there is a deeper level to be found. That is why I paint. Yes partly for my own sanity but also for the revelations that I know will come as I work. This series started with words, the words of Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Poem of the Deep Song”. I’m now excavating.

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