A Great Ending and Beginning

I’m reflecting and assessing. Time to do that since there were and are so many events on the schedule. The large commission for Griffith Art Gallery was accomplished and picked up by the client and gallery owner (Thanks Dave) before Christmas. I was so glad to finish by the deadline and have the paintings approved and on their way to their new home. My studio was filled to the brim for six weeks, more crowded than usual, large paintings everywhere. In all it was a great selling season before the first of the new year which I hope means for everyone a brightening economy. May I say I was stunned by just how good it was. After Christmas, I took a long (for me) vacation and brought back so many photographs, even some cemetery photos for my photographer daughter to play with. It was a great time to reflect and enjoy time away from the studio. Not something I do very often.ClarkFarmSWWEBI The photo on the left is off the road on the way to Savannah. We took all back roads to Savannah. It took forever but was so much fun. I even got a photograph of a cotton field…for the first time ever. Always wanted one.

Welcome 2013! It has been full speed ahead for my solo exhibition at Jacksonville State University. I deliver the paintings to Hammond Hall Gallery on Friday the 1st of February. The exhibit opens on February 7th with an artist talk scheduled for 6:45PM. Lucky for me we have a new van and transporting the large work will be a breeze. Installing should be easy too with the help of Bryce Lafferty , on the faculty of JSU. I was lucky enough to see his exhibit at Hammond Hall last year and was mesmerized by the installation that was part of his exhibit. Winter SongWEB

My exhibit ,“The Deep Song”, is a continuation of the abstract landscape paintings begun two years ago. I’m no longer sure this series is at an end with this exhibit, though my most recent work moves more into the microcosmic world both “real” and metaphorical as I investigate the landscape on another level, so to speak. Two new interests, lichen and rock formation, are being added to my interest in trees that have become such an important part of my work. Brighter hues and more evident texture are invading the “landscape”, something gritty and mysterious. The surfaces are literally growing. More about the development of this series later when I have completed a few more paintings. Here is a first look.IrreplaceableWEB

Next on the workshop agenda are the upcoming encaustic workshops. Planned for the last weekend of the JSU exhibit is a workshop for the students and faculty. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of talking with the JSU community and sharing my work and working knowledge of this most intriguing medium.

Moving on, private and group encaustic workshops (March 16 & 17) in my studio. Add to that other exciting projects still to be announced, this year has started so well. Welcome 2013!