How Do You Know?

How do you know when a series is over? I have asked myself that question more times than I can count. At this point I have to answer the question with a resounding “it is never really over”. A week ago I would have answered it differently. The two series that continue in the studio will continue. “Estratos Dinamica”, Dynamic Layers, is so important to me. It allows me to work with texture and color that is satisfying. On the other hand the “Passages” series allows me to delve a little deeper into myself. I guess both series provide the same function but on the other hand there is something important about separating the two. One reason, of course is the “Passages” monochromatic palette does express something that adding saturated color would not achieve. I seem to need both modes, so there it is. It is a challenge that I like though the two series do not work simultaneously. Right now lined on the studio wall are the monochromatic (maybe a touch of blue and green right now) paintings just started. It has taken several weeks to get them started while I played with the ideas. Finally, not thinking too much, I got the drawings on the boards. Beginning, I love beginning again.

Passages Series, Sept. 2013, studio shot

Passages Series, Sept. 2013, studio shot

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