Just Pretend It is Yesterday

Panorama_©Helen DeRamus 2013
Yesterday was day four of the blogathon. As for me I was not available to blog as there were family matters to attend to. My mom being the foremost. So I decided maybe this is the day to blog twice.

In Ten Years:
1. Publish a book of drawings
2. Finish my video project
3. Have a painting at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC (I am listed in their registry)
4. Improve my keyboard playing
5. Exhibit with my daughter, a very gifted photographer
In Five Years:
1. Heighten my senses
2. Visit the Tate Modern
3. Learn better communication skills
4. Be a good collaborator
5. Write my autobiography
In the next twelve months
1. Create an installation based on a previous one several years ago
2. Obtain a residency
3. Embrace change
4. See that my mom is comfortable
5. Help other artists achieve their goals.
That’s the list. It was very difficult to boil it down to a few goals. But is was a very good exercise to remember how important it is to take a look once in a while, see where I am and see where I want to go.

7 thoughts on “Just Pretend It is Yesterday

  1. I feel the presence of three generations here in your blog post today. I appreciate the quietness here. The pause and yet the map, simple lines moving horizontally and vertically. Love embracing change and heightening senses and all the rest!


  2. My mom and my daughter (also a gifted photographer) play a big role in each of my days as well. Like yours, my art moves around and with them and theirs through me. Your map is good. Follow it.


    • Thank you Callahan, I appreciate your feedback.Blogging the prompts has been one of the more interesting challenges of late. Today I hope to read everyone’s blogs. I am always watching and being inspired by your posts and photographs.


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