“Blue Ridge” New Painting

Working in the studio this morning and completed a new painting. The scene though imagined is based on many trips on the east coast through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The first day in April is to be celebrated. Though many of our friends to the west are dealing with storms we’ve seen across the country.

4 thoughts on ““Blue Ridge” New Painting

  1. Lovely painting Helen. So much to see! Dreamy colors.
    BTW, I don’t understand why I’m not receiving your blog posts when you publish them.

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    • I don’t know why. I haven’t been posting very often but am once again paying attention to posting. Thanks for your remark.I do appreciate it. I wonder if it’s the new JETPAK they have added. Look forward to getting your posts too. 😊


      • I have been silent for a while but also had computer issues: my blog posts were not being sent out to subscribers. (I published a new post last Friday. Hope you got it!) I have subscribed to your blog but don’t receive your posts. *sigh* Alway something!


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