Plexiglas: The front, the back?

Plexiglas is a revelation when using  encaustic medium to create a painting. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which side of painting I would prefer. Drill two holes in the top and display so that both sides may be enjoyed. We will  be painting with encaustic on Plexiglas in the next encaustic workshop, October 24 … Continue reading



I read a wonderful blog “sub rosa” written by Sigrun Hodne, writer and art critic . A week of so ago she posted a poem by Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Simic entitled Stone. I am so fortunate to receive her posts, always finding them interesting and challenging. My work now is a concentration on the … Continue reading

Encaustic and Image

I have recently considered at length working with the encaustic medium as it relates to the new series I’ve been painting. The encaustic medium has a life of its own and will not be tamed though as many encaustic artists will tell you we keep trying to unlock all the secrets. Unlocking the secrets often … Continue reading