This morning I am reviewing the past day’s work and trying to get an idea of how I want to proceed. Working a 36 x 36 cradled panel with oil mixed with cold wax gives me a number of alternatives. Usually I spend a long time just looking. The longer I wait between each step the more I see.

I have another panel started with some of the same pigment choices so the paintings will inform one another as I go. After the decision to continue, then I try not to think too much until it’s time for another break. No second guessing while I’m in the process of putting paint to surface.

third layer

2 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Though I have not seen you since the greatest workshop ever, you are in my heart. I love your work but most of all you taught me art is about having fun. I have forgotten that 1000 times since the workshop.

    Let me go paint some hearts for Valentines Day.


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