Success and June

It was a very short winter but fortunately that made for a very comfortable studio (it can be very cold here) for winter workshops. Outstanding, I might add. All the participants brought creativity to the table and I was very impressed with the finished paintings and there were several. One of the artists sent me images of the work she is doing now and I loved seeing her continuing to work with the encaustic medium and her photographs. It was a perfect marriage.

New in the studio is a Paula Roland HotBox. Encaustic printmaking is a satisfying process and one that produces interesting results both planned and unplanned. I consider myself an “unplanner” most of the time.I like working directly on paper, so portable and absorbent. A relief I might add from the large paintings that are underway all the time in the studio. Relief in the sense of immedicate gratification. Everyone to whom I have introduced encaustic printmaking finds it a great way to experiment as well as produce finished work. Right now I’m continuing to experiment with printing papers and have not settled on one yet.

Looking to May I’ll be teaching a class at John Campbell Folk School. I have heard so much praise for this place and look forward to a large class…ten artists. We’ll be working with encaustic and mixed mediums. Then comes June and I’ve set aside four days for workshops, two consecutive two-day periods to accomodate those who find weekends unworkable. Thursday, June 21 & Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd and June 24th. Options for participants to choose either two-day or all four days. 10:30am-4PM.

Lots of new work in the studio.