On Monday I began packing all the essentials for my stint at John Campbell Folk School where I’ll be teaching an encaustic mixed media class. This trip has been planned for a year of course but now it’s down to the last week before I leave for North Carolina. I am excited having only visited the campus but never taught there. So many people have told me how great it is. As for the packing part, this is a big undertaking just to make sure I have all the required tools. Ah but what is required exactly? I have spent hours preparing exactly what it is that I will be sharing with the ten students in this class. Though I teach a workshop in my own studio obviously all those unique tools and handy items will not fit in my car. So the program will be different but stimulating I hope. Hoping for good weather so that we can fuse outdoors. I plan to blog if at all possible but I expect to be very busy.

Looks peaceful, doesn’t it?