Fall Encaustic Workshops 2012

It’s that time of year again when the weather is cooling and creative energy rises. Here in the South and the rest of the country, summer was brutal and I am really looking forward to the first truly cool day though I must say my definition of cool may have changed since I thought this morning that 68 degreees was cool.

I’ve made improvements to the studio this summer to accomodate more participants in the upcoming encaustic workshops including the new air system, more tables, more torches, a HotBox for making monotypes. I love all the additional comfort just a few changes can make. The biggest change is to the schedule. For years I have conducted the encaustic workshops on the weekend which worked well. Having a studio outside the perimeter of the Atlanta city center makes me mindful of the traffic on the main arteries traveling during the week. However, I find that traveling really isn’t a problem for the many dedicated to learning the encaustic method and many artists find it easier to attend on a weekday. Artists are coming from many locations throughout the Southeast.

The encaustic workshop on Tuesday & Wednesday, October 2 & 3 is dedicated to all things photographic. Often termed Photo Encaustic, we will explore the many ways to use photographs in the process of creating a painting including the many ways to make transfers, use fabric prints, traditional photographic prints and collage. This is a full two days devoted to photographs and encaustic.

Continuing on Thursday and Friday, October 4 & 5 we will concentrate on using a mixed media approach to encaustic painting. Most of my paintings use this method so that there are many paintings to observein the studio and a free sample for each participant as well.

You can sign up for two days or four days (fifty dollar discount for four days). The cost for each two-day workshop is $295. A fifty dollar deposit secures your space. The only supplies you need to bring are the panels you paint on. The studio is outfitted to accomodate 6 – 8 participants which includes hot palettes, heat guns, torches, paint, medium..everything you need. I will talk about safety in the studio and we’ll use a very traditional approach which I find to be the safest method of working.

Some painting or photography (digital or traditional) experience is very helpful and should you have any questions let me know. To register visit my website at http://www.helenderamus.com, the workshop page and registration page are easily accessible.Image