The Joy of Buying Art

This year has been an exceptional year for buying art. I have added several artworks to my collection and I must say that buying art brings me as much joy as selling my own artwork. My newest acquisition came on Friday evening at dk Gallery. Artist Terrence Gasca had several paintings in the exhibit that just opened and each one was a jewel. Interesting how an artist’s intimate view of a moment in time can produce an immediate emotional response that is very strong. Somehow you just connect.

I tell my students all the time that the style and subject matter of paintings that I like to hang on my wall are rarely the style or subject matter or even medium of my own paintings. Never so true as the “On Tap” painting that now has a place in my living room. It is a richly hued oil painting so finely crafted, brushwork so deftly accomplished that I enjoy that aspect almost as much as I like the subject matter of the painting. The beauty of the contrast intrigues me.

I count myself as very picky when it comes buying art that I will live with for a long time. Each day I want to see something new as well as enjoy for the original reason it caught my attention. It was difficult to choose which of his several paintings to buy but there is always something about an artwork that resonates on a deeper level and after all you plan to look at it for years to come.

My collection is so diverse, eclectic if you will. Ceramic work is one of my favorite mediums and sculpture, if I could have all the sculpture I want I would need a space that was at least…well I don’t know how big…just big. Don Dougan’s work is on my wall as well as Mary Cheves’ haunting work, “The Critic”.

I must admit to being very lucky to know artists who are willing to trade work with me once in a while. Oh so lucky! I’m always looking and budget and size too I must admit are the only factors that may deter me. For me, liking a piece of art is never enough; it must have that unexpected and inexplicable quality that connects with me. A quality I don’t think I can explain entirely in words but I do know it when I see it.

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