Art Season

It is officially the fall art season, so many events, shows, exhibits, I don’t know where to begin. There are the holidays too of course in the midst of so much activity. Don’t forget artwork is a great gift. It is both difficult and exciting time of the year in the studio. Difficult because of all the demands but exciting for the same reason. Midnight oil at the ready

To begin I must choose dk Gallery’s fourth anniversary exhibit of mixed media art. We’re talking exciting and interesting collage, mixed, and installation pieces. Leisa Rich takes the stage with must see fiber, installation art. The opening is set for November 2nd at 6pm. To follow that opening will be her talk at dk on the relevancy of installation art on November 18th at 3PM. I will be there cheering her on and learning something too. Of yes and I have a couple of paintings in the exhibit as well, one pictured here. The other artists exhibiting are:  Barbara Dunham, Syd Atkinson, Elizabeth Chapman, Cameron Hampton, and Allison McElroy.

On the agenda for the weekend before Thanksgiving is the annual holiday “Open House” at the Artisan Resource Center, my studio is located here, Suite G-2. Friday, November 16 from 6 – 10 pm come enjoy the food and drink served up in the midst of studios ready to show you everything from painting and ceramics to furniture, bird houses, jewelry…many different artists and artisans sharing their work. The building is truly a maze, which you find out as soon as you enter. Just follow the color coded maps. One year we actually had docents to help people find there way. The film industry has a large presence as well. Check it out. On Saturday the studios will open from 11am to 5pm. Food, wine, art, what else could you ask for. Oh, one last thing, I will have a studio sale of art!

More to come in my next post. Now it’s time to get the art ready for primetime.


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