It’s All New

Studio EntryAfter the first of the year, I mentioned that I thought “new beginnings” described the year ahead but I had no idea just how everything would change. At the beginning of March an opportunity to move my studio to a larger space presented itself. And I took it!! Not only do I now have more room but I also have a sink and water. What you say? Yes for the past few years I have not had any water in the studio. Trips down the hall were endless. I am so looking forward to several possibilities that I have had on my mind and making my own paper is at the top of the list. Yea! water. Plus my little keyboard is right in the entry way (seen on the left) so that I may ready my hands for the paintings to come.

Now there are adjustments to be made and I’m sure any artist will tell you moving a studio is a big event no matter the circumstances. I have had studios in closets, back porches, side porches, kitchens, great rooms, well you get the idea. Creating can go on and will go on no matter where you are if you have this powerful urge to create. And yes, I am a painter and will paint anywhere.

With this move I can truly say it is the biggest and best studio I have ever had in terms of space and light and I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity. One exciting possibility is adding more participants to my encaustic workshops. We will have so much room to work in. It just so happens that I will have workshops in June, July and August this year. Celebrating the space by introducing and coaching new and existing artists with this medium that I so love to work in. Check out the website for the dates.

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