Summer Encaustic Workshops

I just posted the dates for the summer workshops. Concentration this summer is on the use of mixed mediums (yes I think the word mediums is better to describe). Included are paper, fabric, photographs and other interesting items that participants will provide. I learned early on that those artists interested in medium of encaustic are drawn to the many additives and have collections of items they have long wanted to imbed in a painting. So do I. But to tell the truth, I stick with paper, handmade and purchased, silk, love printing photos on silk, rarely using three dimensional objects. Why? Just personal choice. This year I am asking participants to have experience in a painting medium, in photography or ceramics or to have taken a previous workshop. These workshops are intended to further the knowledge of practicing artists but also give them a chance to play with a different medium for inspiration. Certainly I don’t expect every participant to change their medium though I certainly have seen that happen.

My workshops are always a laboratory of experimentation and that suits me very well. I will give demonstrations of techniques but I always expect the artist to stay true to their own aesthetic. Important!

Check out my website for the details for June, July and August. With a larger studio I am limiting the participation to ten artists Winter SongWEBthis summer.

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