Artist Talk

Dalton Gallery Artist Talk Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition

Dalton Gallery Artist Talk
Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition

Three Paintings Decatur Fine Arts Festivala

Three Paintings
Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition

The Artist Talk is an opportunity to talk about my work to people I have never met and to many others whom I do know. Yesterday at the Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College, five artists participating in the Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition spoke about their work including me. I must admit that I love the opportunity of sharing my vision and process in person. Yes, I share in blogs, my website and other social media but to have the opportunity of sharing “live” is the best. Besides the presentation, which is hard for me since I have stage fright like you wouldn’t believe, there is the chance to answer questions, real time interaction, not enough of that sometimes. In preparing for a talk, I find myself focusing on what I am creating in a new way. I never think that I can really convey the total picture of what it’s all about. There are parts of the practice of making art that are mysterious and sometimes I find myself not understanding the true import of a painting or a series until much later than the moment I sign and title it. While putting into words the series “estratos dinamica” (dynamic layers)  it became more complicated than I realized the more I tried to define it. Yes I am trying to meditate about the passage of time and at the same time probe my relationship with memory. But there is a personal component to this series that remains elusive and that I am not ready to talk about but I consider that a plus.

The other artist presenting were, John W. Cargile, Jr. sharing his intriguing drawings; Elyse DeFoor, the beginnings of a new series; Cynthia Frigon, her paper collage paintings and and John F. Madajewski, his turned wood platter. Each artist, so different in approach and media but so passionate about their work.

Loved seeing the work of Kathy Yancey and having a chance to meet her after many years of admiring her work. One other artist I found interesting was Michael Bryant whose Holga camera photos were wonderful and unfortunately already sold by the time I saw them. Another time perhaps.

This year, so far, has been so full. Exhibits, surprises, new studio, workshops. Everything is slowing a little for the summer but in July and August I have encaustic workshops to prepare for and today is the day I decide on the sizes and shapes of new work so that I can order my surfaces.  A daunting decision but perhaps the most fun.