Notes From the Studio

Ancient Mystery

Ancient Mystery

Migration 42 x 32 inches Encaustic

Migration 42 x 32 inches Encaustic

dk Gallery will be celebrating five years in Marietta, GA USA in November. I have been represented by the gallery since it’s inception and delivered paintings last week for the anniversary exhibit to open on November 1. The growth of the gallery is nothing short of miraculous, opening during the financial meltdown the gallery now representing artists not only from the local area but artists from across the country and Europe. Donna Krueger, the owner, is an amazing force as she continues to bring fresh ideas and art to the community. I want to emphasize that when you step in the gallery, whomever you are, you are welcomed. During the past five years there have been a number of special events to inform and educate the community about art. I have been invited to facilitate as well as participate in many of those activities, enjoying my participation immensely. The images on the left are two of the paintings I delivered to the gallery for the upcoming November exhibit. Both are part of the estratos dinamica series.

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