Day Six and Still Counting

Multiples, A Drawing Project

Multiples, A Drawing Project

Today I decided to post the prompts from the C4Atlanta Blogathon and answer them in order.
Where are you geographically?
I love this question. My studio is located in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia..Marietta, Georgia in the Artisan Resource Center. The building was built sometime in the 1940’s and when the owners bought it it was totally trashed. It is a quirky rambling building of about 43,000 square feet, painted grey and hidden from view by other businesses on Highway 41/Cobb Parkway. Every studio is different and there are many varieties of creative work going on here including film and video, an acting company, special effects creator, painters, sculptors, graphic designers. The list goes on and on. Very vibrant atmosphere to say the least.
What does your dream work environment look and feel like?
This studio is my dream work environment. I have space to paint, teach, store. It is a dream space.
How is your studio equipped?
The studio has all the tools that I need to create. Most of the tools I have had for many, many years.
Who are you creating or collaborating with?
Recently I’ve been collaborating with a wonderful poet/artist who has given me insight into my work. When he writes a poem based on a painting I’ve completed, I am amazed and sometimes startled to find that he really understands what I have painted sometimes better than I do. It is a wonderful life lesson.
Who supports your daily life as you make your creative work?
My husband, daughter and stepson support me. Though both son and daughter are not near by, I always feel their love and support. My husband is a musician and am I ever lucky. He understands the ins and outs of the creative process and allows me so much room. I am grateful to him everyday.
How many hours do you spend creating?
It’s hard to calculate how many hours I spend creating. I do think that the process is always ongoing. But I do spend everyday, at least seven hours, in the studio.
How many hours do you spend selling your work or managing the business end?
Another hard question but I guess it is at least one hour a day taking care of business.
What do you do for recreation?
I love photography so I always have my camera or my phone capturing images that interest me. Reading is another of my favorites, watching sporting events (love baseball), listening to music, playing computer games, going to art exhibits. I have a long list.
What do you do for inspiration?
I work, whether it is drawing, painting, printmaking, researching art topics that interest me, meeting with artist friends. I am never at a loss for inspiration as long as I am in studio working.
Do you have any specific goals for this year?
I will be continuing collaboration with my poet/artist friend and getting ready for an exhibit this summer.

6 thoughts on “Day Six and Still Counting

  1. Helen, yours sounds like a very rich world. You are lucky indeed to be living your perfect year every day!–Carol Hays

  2. Dear Helen, what a joy it is getting to know more about you with each blog entry. Your life has such a lovely rhythm to it and hallelujah for living your dream now. Your work shows it. Curious about your collaborations with a poet. Look forward to seeing more revealed.

    • This is an interesting collaboration because I’m not sure we will show it publicly. Right now we are meeting once a month and we are just letting it flow with no decided outcome. Isn’t that wonderful?

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