28 x 40 inches Mixed Media

“Displacement 28 x 40 inches
Mixed Media

While continuing my series of drawings on TerraSkin, I see a new direction. I began adding color, using the many varieties of India ink even though I liked the monochromatic images. Then came the realization that perhaps they could be translated into paintings. Now comes the experimentation with larger works on board in anticipation of adding encaustic medium. Not to the TerraSkin as I’ve discovered that I don’t think the “stone paper” is as accepting of heat and encaustic paint as I had thought.

The difficult part of taking a series of drawings that I am in love with to another medium is the realization that the character of the images will change. It has to. How many times have you begun a small drawing intending to translate it to a painting and found that the drawing is “it”? No manipulation of the materials can convey the initial  spontaneous nature of the marks. The freshness has somehow disappeared. The result is not good or bad it just is.

So I’ve decided to take two approaches. One is taking the original drawings and enlarging them on TerraSkin. The largest now are 28 x 40 inches. Since the “paper” comes in a long roll, I will use the long drawing wall in the studio to experiment with expansion of the drawings. I will start with a long roll of brown paper to envisage the possibilities. The second stage is to continue a large painting I have begun on a cradled wood panel. It has the character at present of the drawings on paper. Delicious!

With all the decision making to come, it is the feel of the images that I have been creating that is driving me. Their meaning is not quite clear to me and I think I will leave it that way. I’ve described them to myself and to others but so far the explanations are not quite right or complete. I may not know for sometime exactly what I’m talking about. The mystery interests me and that is probably why I continue.