2021 New Work in the Studio

I literally waited a year to make a post. Not sure exactly why until today. New drawings began to be a daily ritual only during the month of May this year. It started very casually with a drawing that I did before starting to paint every day in the studio. As the days went by, I realized it had become a habit again… a ritual…The catalyst was a box of handmade paper the I ordered not really with any intention. I liked the edges of the paper and the varying color. Somehow the paper itself led me to the drawing, very gestural and figurative. My experience of many years drawing from the model became apparent though I was not drawing from life directly. That made the experience totally out of my control and offered me a chance to say something very personal. I found music that fits the mood and play it every time I draw. The best part of this is that I do not know exactly from where the images are derived. I only know that I like them and they say something to me and about me. They have no destination, they just are. I’m uploading a few images. I do have fifty sheets…continuing through the summer.

“hold on” Helen DeRamus 2021
“Skate” Helen DeRamus 2021
“Red Shoes” Helen DeRamus 2021
“Morning Ritual” Helen DeRamus 2021
“Remember Me” H. DeRamus 2021
“Another Daydream” Helen DeRamus 2021
“Do You Know What I Mean” Helen DeRamus 2021
“I’m Standing Here” Helen DeRamus 2021

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