2020 A New Year: New Challenges

I had to wrestle with how to start this post, coming late in the spring with so many new challenges due to the pandemic, I lost all reference to time, as so many others have said. So why did I take a year to post? I have lots of excuses. Painting all the time on a new series is a good excuse. And since I have no other excuses  to reveal, I will begin.

2019 was, perhaps, my best painting year. The series “Underneath it All”, grew by many paintings, too many to count right now since it continues. The year culminated with a show at the TEW Galleries in Atlanta, Georgia. This year began with work in a gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan, the ROAN & BLACK Gallery. With galleries essentially closed for the past few month, waiting for the new work to be seen is part of the process, though artists, long with others in the arts, do have the social media platforms to utilize.

I continued with series of large format drawings for an exhibit at the Gadsden Museum of Art that was to open in April of 2020 but the exhibit has been postponed till June 2020 and may be postponed again. To be honest it has been hard to look back at three years of drawings ready to be hung and realize it just may not happen. The drawings are close to me as I think of their expression as an expression of my deepest desire to create authentically. They have inspired paintings and truly have inspired me. There is something special that flows when working so directly hand to surface. So what follows, I don’t know yet.


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  1. Hi Helen, This is certainly a challenging time! Who would have ever imagined? Congratulations on your success. Roam & Black seems like a great gallery and Timothy Tew is awesome. Now we just have to open them all up!! Hang in there! Take care, Holly

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