I love to paint

I love to paint. Not a big secret for those who know me well. I have been painting for the better part of my life and remember the first time I stepped into an art studio and loved the aroma of oil and turps. To some that is not appetizing but to me it is … Continue reading

More Workshop News

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. I have a good excuse…I’ve been painting, moving (my home, not my studio), exhibiting and that does not even come close to the busy start to the fall. The October encaustic workshop was great. Especially seeing the monotypes that were created during the two days. Amazing … Continue reading

Encaustic and Image

I have recently considered at length working with the encaustic medium as it relates to the new series I’ve been painting. The encaustic medium has a life of its own and will not be tamed though as many encaustic artists will tell you we keep trying to unlock all the secrets. Unlocking the secrets often … Continue reading